Year In Review

Year in Review – 2017

The Alberta Forest Genetic Resources Council continued to provide advice to the Government of Alberta department of Agriculture and Forestry in 2017, addressing a number of forest genetic resource matters. Council had in 2016 endorsed , the Alberta Forest Genetic Resources Management and Conservation Standards 2016, and in 2017 provided advice on how to move forward with unresolved matters in regard to the Standards. The Council prepared its 2016 – 2017 Biennial Report, which will be available on the Council’s Website in early 2018, The Council established an Ad hoc Committee on Productivity and Tree Improvement Program, which met a number of times in 2017 and discussed several important issues related to tree improvement.

Representatives from the department of Agriculture and Forestry – Forest Management Branch – provided updates to Council on current forest genetic resource matters. This included: the 2016 Directive for the Mandatory Use of Improved Seed for Reforestation; a Draft Tree Improvement Directive; and an overview of the possible elements of a new tree improvement model for Alberta. The Council provided advice and guidance on the implementation and further development of these initiatives. The Council also received presentations from representatives of the Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada, with a view to maintain communication among both organizations.

There were a few changes to the Council membership in 2017. Terry Kristoff retired and was replaced by Shane Sadoway, West Fraser Mills Ltd., as a softwood representative. Dr. Phil Comeau, the Growth and Yield representative retired, and was replaced with Sharon Meredith, from the Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada. The term of office for Rob Vassov, the Reclamation Sector Representative, expired in 2017. Several Council members had their terms on Council extended in 2017.

Richard Laing, Chair Alberta Forest Genetic Resources Council 2017